About Us

Serial Killer Inc - Unleashing the Skate Culture

Established in 1994, Serial Killer Inc has always been synonymous with skate culture. Back then, we leaped onto the scene with a purpose: to create a brand that dared to challenge the norms of the industry. Today, after a brief hiatus, we're triumphantly resurrecting our legacy. With a nod to our roots as the vintage brand that shook the scene in the 90’s, Serial Killer Inc. returns stronger and bolder than ever.

Embrace the nostalgia as Serial Killer Inc, the near-mythical brand that created the "meme" before it was even a word, launches a comeback. We're the proud renegades who birthed a movement that stretched beyond mere fashion. Our audaciousness attracted the support of influential punk bands like PENNYWISE, BLINK 182, Strung Out, Bigwig, At the Drive-In, No Doubt, Less Than Jake, and countless others. Pro skaters? Of course, they loved us too. Because we keep laughing at the face of conformity, our tag line “Happy to Offend” serves as our anthem. 

Serial Killer Inc is not for the faint-hearted—it represents a slice of sheer authenticity and audacity, as we stick it to the man. Defined by our attitude, we are the brand that your parents warned you about, and yet, the one you've secretly longed to wear. Our ethos aligns seamlessly with the punk scene, underground culture, welcoming fans and collectors alike to be part of our infectious subculture.

Join the Serial Killer Inc. Team, we’d love to have you!